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Find out why Chef Sheridan is Edmonton’s best choice for a private Chef.


Learn to cook some great new healthy meals with Chef Sheridan’s Cookbook “Healthy Family Recipes”.

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Why Chef Sheridan is the Best Choice for a Private Chef

Professional Training & Experience

Chef Sheridan is a professionally Trained Red Seal Chef & Certified Nutritionist…Read More

Above & Beyond

In January of 2013 Chef Sheridan published his first cook with Company’s Coming Publishing entitled “Healthy Family Recipes”…Read More

Meal Personalization

With Chef Sheridan each menu is exclusively created and matched to your preferences and style of eating…Read More

Man of the City

Chef Sheridan takes pride in his Edmonton roots and is proud to offer a helping hand towards the community…Read More

Best of the Best

When it boils down to good food the first step we need to take is the ingredients themselves…Read More

Clean Paws

Chef Sheridan was trained with the concept that a kitchen should be cleaner than hospital…Read More

Private Chef Dinner for a Spring Chicken

April 21, 2014

spring chicken Chef Sheridan

A menu that shouts “spring is finally here!”- regardless if there is a little bit of that unspeakable white stuff still on the ground. Here lies a 4 course dinner that captures the flavours, colour and excitement of the season that changes it all for us Canada! Here is the menu for the most recent dinner party.     Ruby … Continue reading

An “A” List Addition To Your Breakfast Routine

April 15, 2014

blackberry mango smoothie

  With spring just around the corner, I think it may be time to switch up the breakfast routine a little bit with this fast, no mess breakfast banger! Blackberry Mango Smoothie Load up on your protein, antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A with a simple blend together breakfast. This recipe is feature in my Cookbook “Healthy Family Recipes” – … Continue reading

Breakfast Television Debute

April 10, 2014

breakfast television edmonton

On Wenesday April 2nd I made my debute on breakfast television with City Tv Edmonton. I was asked to  host a cooking segment focused around a healthy meal. I chose a recipe which is currently in the works for the next cookbook with Company’s Coming – “400kcal Mains” Blueberry Halibut on the menu for today! Thick cut halibut splashed with flavours of … Continue reading

The Pride Of The Most Powerful Tool In Your Kitchen

February 7, 2014

Shun chef knife Chef Sheridan

A must in every kitchen is a good sharp chefs knife; In my opinion this is what separates a cook from a meal maker. But is this just a bunch of ramble? Aside from cleaner cuts is a sharp knife really going help out the average cook in the kitchen? Or will it cut my fingers clean off rather than … Continue reading

One for the Ladies

January 6, 2014

Hen parties - Chef Sheridan

A new Party package to be offered for the year 2014 starting February – “Hen Parties” – for all the ladies out there who need a break during the week to kick back with the gals and enjoy some great food and wine. A Hen party can be hosted on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening and feature a personalized … Continue reading

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