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Find out why Chef Sheridan is Edmonton’s best choice for a private Chef.

Learn to cook some great new healthy meals with Chef Sheridan’s Cookbook “Healthy Family Recipes”.

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Why Chef Sheridan is the Best Choice for a Private Chef

Professional Training & Experience

Chef Sheridan is a professionally Trained Red Seal Chef & Certified Nutritionist…Read More

Above & Beyond

In January of 2013 Chef Sheridan published his first cook with Company’s Coming Publishing entitled “Healthy Family Recipes”…Read More

Meal Personalization

With Chef Sheridan each menu is exclusively created and matched to your preferences and style of eating…Read More

Man of the City

Chef Sheridan takes pride in his Edmonton roots and is proud to offer a helping hand towards the community…Read More

Best of the Best

When it boils down to good food the first step we need to take is the ingredients themselves…Read More

Clean Paws

Chef Sheridan was trained with the concept that a kitchen should be cleaner than hospital…Read More

The Scent of Christmas – 5 Course Dinner

November 25, 2014

Mocha PannaCotta Cocoa - Set cream with a hint of mocha, Callebaut Chocolate & Sambuca strawberries

In Alberta it is incredible how adaptive we must be to keep up with the challenges of the change of season. Now that we are almost through November we are finally getting used to fighting the cold, bundling up and let’s not forget shovelling snow. Something I actually enjoy about coming into this chilly season is the way our diets, … Continue reading

Are there any allergies you don’t have?

September 30, 2014


A menu for 14 hungry and diverse guests is usually something which requires a little more planning when writing a menu.    But how about 14 guests with 5 different allergies looking for a menu everyone can enjoy?   Hmm that is a doozy. We can start things off with the celiac eliminating any sort of gluten on the menu, … Continue reading

Appearance in Alberta Venture Magazine

September 22, 2014

cover venture

In the September 2014  issue of Alberta Venture Magazine I am featured for cooking using local ingredients. The article relates to the evolving culinary scene in Alberta; Where eating local and learning more about our agriculture can have its benefits for both comsumers and producers. We can all take advantage of the bounty Alberta food has to offer. The photos are … Continue reading

New 400 calorie cookbook in the making with Company’s Coming

August 5, 2014

blue cheese tenderloin

 A new Cookbook set to hit the bookshelves in January 2015 entitled “400 Calorie Mains”. – Chef Sheridan McLaren   Here lies a cookbook which features many of your favourite foods constructed into health conscious and calorie wise servings. When it comes down to healthy, low calorie food the common misconception sometimes falls toward bland and boring, but when writing … Continue reading

Skate Camp @ Millennium Place Sherwood Park

July 31, 2014

skate camp 2014

Blank Skateboard shop of Sherwood Park was back for it’s 4th year to run a 1 week Skateboard camp at Millennium place. Myself and other volunteers coached kids ages 9-12 to get out and active and to learn some new tricks to show off in the skate park.   We all know eating healthy is a big part to give … Continue reading

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