Chef Sheridan McLaren

Published Red Seal Chef & Nutritionist

“I let my Ingredients do the work. Im all about fresh and vibrant with a special respect from my ingredients. I am against the cheap shortcuts, powders, and concentrates. The food we eat speaks for itself. Give it the chance to shine and with a little bit of love it will”

The Chef

I was introduced to the food service industry at a young age. My grandmother was a master cook; she owned her own restaurant, catering business and cooked for a large family at home. As a child I grew up intrigued on how good that bacon I snuck off the grill tasted, and how all those onions I peeled could be transformed into something completely different and so much more satisfying.

I later worked in restaurants all over town, cooked for friends, family, and strangers. I began adding alevel of culinary uniqueness to everything I cooked for myself and everyone else. I graduated from culinary school and returned to working in fine dining restaurants only to still crave freedom and experimentation. I felt working in a restaurant making the same menu, doing the same task, making the same nameless food wasn’t for me. I crave uniqueness, making something specific to one’s pallet and preference; Making your number one meal and having a relationship between the chef and the guest.I know being a private chef is the place for me.

I was fortunate enough to get on board with Company’s Coming & Lone Pine publishing and was given opportunity to write my very own cookbook “ Healthy Family Recipes”. It seems almost everyone now is concerned about what they are eating,and make effort towards healthy choices. Yet so many feel lost in the confusion of what’s out there and feel intimidated to cook. I love to teach and empower others to cook more, to take control over a healthy eating pattern. This is a book composed of 75 recipes, using attainable, healthy and whole ingredients to create meals in your home you and your family will love. All recipes are presented at a skill level to accommodate any person with easy step by step directions and a photo for each recipe. Believe me this book gives healthy a new taste!

I work as an author & private chef, cooking exclusive meals for all those in the Edmonton area. I cook for smaller groups ranging from 8-16 groups for plated multi course dinner parties to self-served events for 30-50.

My Philosphy:

“Food Is what drives us, it provides us with energy, health satiety, enjoyment and for people like me excitement! What and how we eat has a direct influence on our day to day life, So let’s make it fun, healthy, attainable and taste damn good!”