Interactive Dinner Party Survey

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The following are a series of questions designed to pinpoint your expectations for your interactive dinner party. Please answer as accurate as possible and feel free to comment.

Where will the dinner party be hosted?

How many guests will be attending (including yourself)?

Are there any allergies or sensitivities that you are aware of at this point?

What are some of your favourite foods?

Fruits and Vegetables



What are foods and flavours you dislike?

Fruits and Vegetables



Are there any “classics” or favourite dishes, recipes or ingredients you would like included or recreated?

Are there specific topics of cooking or nutrition you would like to be covered?

Have you had a private chef in your home before?

May I cook with alcohol?

Do you have your own wine & water glasses to provide for your group size? The chef can provide glassware for use during your event for an additional $50.

At what time would you like service to begin?

At what time will your guests begin arriving?

Are your kitchen appliances (stove top, dishwasher, over, refrigerator, freezer) in good working condition?

Do you have an additional fridge or freezer which can be used (if needed) for this event?

Would you like to add the photo package to your event for an additional charge? (Learn more about photo packages under the Private Chef Service page).

What are your two favourite colours?

What is one of your favourite local restaurants?

What is your favourite cocktail or alcoholic drink?

How did you hear about Chef Sheridan?

Is there any other information to be aware of regarding this event?

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