New 400 calorie cookbook in the making with Company’s Coming

August 5, 2014

 A new Cookbook set to hit the bookshelves in January 2015 entitled “400 Calorie Mains”. – Chef Sheridan McLaren


Here lies a cookbook which features many of your favourite foods constructed into health conscious and calorie wise servings.

When it comes down to healthy, low calorie food the common misconception sometimes falls toward bland and boring, but when writing recipes for this book we had a much different approach.


More calories per portion does not always translate to a better bite, there are ways to improve flavour & moistness of meats beyond the typical butter and salt bath. Here are the 3 main ways I was able to create recipes for this cookbook with more bang for their low calorie bite.



 Selection of Choice Cuts of Meat

In any animal we eat whether it be chicken, cow, fish or elk, there are cuts of meat in each animal which require different methods of cooking, have more or less fat, have good or better tastes and so forth.

When searching for a calorie wise meal we can choose cuts of meat which are leaner and therefore less calorie dense- and believe me this doesn’t we are crossing beef steaks off the menu

These recipes use proteins like beef tenderloin, halibut, and lobster to create a dish with less calories and fat.

The way our meat is cut can also impact how it cooks and therefore tastes. Recipes choose thicker cuts of meat to retain more moisture during the cooking process.

blue cheese tenderloin

Blue Cheese Beef Tenderloin – Beef-a-tarian



Marinades are useful because they allow complex and diverse flavours to absorb into foods like meats and vegetables before they are cooked. Even in just 10 minutes with the right mixture and cut of meat, we can make an astounding difference.

Marinades in this cookbook use a variety of cold pressed oils, vinegars, herbs, citrus juices and spices develop epic flavour. When you have a great marinade you truely do not need as much sodium or fat to make a dish enjoyable.

ruby red lobster

Ruby Red Lobster Tail – Gluten free



 Portion Control/ Macro-Nutrient Division

It is clear to see that less of something is going to provide you with fewer calories. However some calories-  like those provided by simple sugars and refined carbohydrates don’t have the staying power or glycemic rating of others. When sourcing our 400 calories from more complex carbohydrates and proteins, our body can better metabolize this energy which in-turn creates the feeling of being full and comfortable last longer. Recipes from this book can provide the feeling of satiety longer than a typical 400 calorie portion because of the quality and ratio of the macro-nutrients in each serving.

market Mushroom

Market Mushroom – Vegetarian

Together the team at Company’s Coming comprised a book of 75 recipes for the “400 Calorie Main” Cookbook. 1/3 of the recipes featured in the book are of my creation.

Food styling – Ashley Billy

Photography – Sandy Weatherall


unrolled maki



Unrolled Maki – Vegetarian