What is an Appetizer party and how does it work?

An appetizer party is where our team will come to your home and cook a specialized menu for you and your guests on one particular occasion. Appetizers are a variety of bite sized hot/cold hors deouvres and canepes which are served fresh for the duration of the event. Menus can vary with 5 or more choices and served with variety of fruits, vegetable and cheese. We offer a service which completely puts the host to ease. Sit back and relax, enjoy a casual gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home without having to lift a finger. We provide all that’s required and leave your kitchen shining clean. And hooray no dishes for you!

Rest assured we provide all cookware, utensils, cutlery and gourmet plate-ware. To host a party the home of the host will require preparation space, refrigerator, freezer, stove top, oven and adequate dining space. Please inquire on special venues without standard kitchen settings.

For all parties a server is required to assist with the needs of guests through the course of the evening. This includes assistance with beverages, food service and other small tasks to put the host at ease. This service requires an additional $135. Depending on the size of your party, more than one server may be required.

An Appetizer party may consist of 10 -70 guests  served in a casual pace and designed to comfortably fill your guests. The menu is designed to be the same for all guests, certain requests and substitutions can be made for individuals. Great for a casual gatherings among friends, family and co-workers. Perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette/stag parties and many other celebrations. Guests can leisurely snack and interact without the formality of a seated dinner.

What types of groupings and pricing are involved with an Appetizer party?

$1250 for 240 hors d’oeuvres with 5 choices which serves 10-15 guests  

Additional appetizer or dessert 200$ each


$1650 for 360 hors d’oeuvres with 5 choices which serves 20-30 guests

Additional appetizer or dessert -250$ each


$2150 for 480 hors d’oeuvres with 5 choices which serves 40-50 guests

Additional appetizer or dessert -300$ each


$2650 for 600 hors d’oeuvres with 5 choices which serves 55-70 guests

Additional appetizer or dessert -350$ each

Consider the advantages of hosting a party in your home over going to a restaurant.

-No/minimal transport for guests, easy for elderly, children and those who have a little too much wine.

-No time restraint, no rush, no waiting!

-Supply your own alcohol and save on inflated restaurant prices.

How do I get started on booking an Appetizer party?

First download the appetizer survey . Initially consider the date you would like to host and how many guests would be in attendance. We will promptly respond with whether the date is available, costs associated and answer any questions you may have. If you wish to proceed with your booking the date will be reserved. Soon after a menu would be sent for your approval. If booking far in advance you can reserve a date with no deposit and work on the details in time to come.