What is an Interactive Dinner Party & how does it work?

An Interactive Dinner Party is a specialized cooking class designed to teach a group of 4-12 guests unique cooking methods and techniques. After understanding your personalized preferences Chef Sheridan will design a custom 3 course menu to be constructed in your home. Guests will have the opportunity to partake in preparation and to have a hands on experience in the kitchen. The chef will tour the menu and ingredients. Once each course is complete a server will be present to assist with food and beverage service. You then have the opportunity to taste a 3 course dinner which you helped create. Recipes are provided for each guest to follow along and keep for future endeavors.

Also learn key points to pairing flavors and textures to make a meal taste its best. Presentation is so important too, understand the basic of attractive plating.

An interactive dinner party takes an average of 5 hours from start to finish; typically starting the introduction in the late afternoon and wrapping up around 8-9 in the evening.

The Chef will come to your home with the ingredients pre-portioned, and after a quick set up and introduction to the menu, the show begins.

Upon initial stages, a custom menu is designed by the chef to personalize each recipe to your needs. All menus are created to choose flavors and ingredients of your preference and to be presented in the most appealing manor. All dietary needs, allergies and sensitivities are held in high regards.

All dishes are individually plated and served to each guest. An addition charge for a server may be required with your party depending on the group size.

Rest assured all cookware and utensils are provided by the chef -including cutlery gourmet plate-ware. In the home of the host, the chef will require use of a refrigerator, freezer, stove top and oven.

How are you able to specialize menus and capture my expectations?

In the first stage of creating an exclusive menu you are able to download the dinner party survey. These questions are constructed to enlighten us on your style of eating, food preferences, allergies/ sensitivities, and your specific taste patterns. We translate this completed survey into a specialized menu made just for you.

How do I Book an Interactive Dinner party and what are the first steps I need to take?

First complete the interactive dinner party survey This can be found under the “booking” section. You first must consider the date you would like to host the dinner party and how many guests would be in attendance. We will promptly respond with whether the date is available, costs associated and answer any questions you may have. If you wish to proceed with your booking a draft menu would be sent back for your approval. Depending on how far advance you book your menu may come closer to the date of your dinner. We do this to ensure the best use of the freshest ingredients available

Groups of 6-12
$165 per person for a 3 course Interactive dinner

Groups of 4-5
$185 per person for a 3 course Interactive dinner

There are plenty of benefits to consider when choosing an interactive cooking class over other options.  Many of our past clients say they prefer the freedom of being their own home and being able to choose exactly what types of things they would like to learn. Our classes allow you to set the bar for the atmosphere you would enjoy also eliminate rush & transportation time.  An excellent choice for hosts/guests with young children and large groups. Also a great gift for that foodie in the family.


Do you offer Gluten free menus?

Yes! These menus offer the same depth, variety and uniqueness as any other menu. Chef Sheridan is quite familiar with many of nature’s celiac friendly ingredients; arrowroot, rice flour, quinoa and the world of gluten free grains, seeds, legumes. With the addition of fresh produce and quality meats the chef is able to create an outstanding specialized menu. A gluten free menu is actually fairy simple when you start from the ground up with raw ingredients. You don’t have to bother with heavily processed and refined convenience products which are where a lot of sneaky gluten can be found.

How about vegetarian menus?

Yes! This is where the exciting world of produce, grains, legumes truly have their time to shine. These dishes look extraordinary when plated with the array of colours, shapes and textures. Vegetarian menus not only look and taste remarkable but also offer complete and balanced nutrition with a variety of protein and B vitamins. And no boring stir-fries, we promise.

What is Green thumb?

Green thumb is our philosophy based on having a small ecological footprint, being resourceful and having respect towards the environment. All for saving water and energy, recycling, and using locally sourced ingredients when possible.