I guess you could say I am a foodie. I don’t just eat to nourish, I eat to taste. I like to analyze my food as I eat and explore foods I’ve never eaten. Good food has always been a big part of my life, my parents were great cooks and I enjoy cooking myself. Sheridan created for me one of the best dinners I have ever had. Every dish had an exquisite flavour profile and enchanting appearance. Hats off to Chef Sheridan.

My grand-daughter first heard of Chef Sheridan, She told me he is chef who designs a personal menu , shops, cooks and cleans. She had a lot reputable things to say about him so we decided to have him come cook a 4 course dinner for my family of 8. I was skeptical at first but once I saw Sheridan starting to cook in my kitchen I was suddenly at ease and excited to taste what he was only beginning to put together. Dinner was breathtaking down to the last bite. At the end of the night my guests and I all felt comfortably full. Since then Sheridan has cooked another dinner party for me and has again left me astounded.

My wife hired Sheridan to cook a 4 course meal for us and a few friends. I enjoyed how he was interactive with our guests and walked us through the menu at the beginning of the night. Food tasted great and then kitchen was shining when he left. That baseball tenderloin steak was incredible! Keep it up Chef!

Sheridan has such a unique talent and relationship with food. This was our third dinner party Sheridan has cooked for us and once again exceed our expectations. I find it so convenient to have him come cook rather than meeting friends in crowded restaurant for just average food or going through the stress to try and cook myself, not to mention the freedom of being in our own home. I love how he uses his own plates to make each dish unique and look so compelling. Magnificent! Thank you Sheridan!

Sheridan has been a chef in my home many times and has always created a range of food the whole family greatly enjoys. I love watching Sheridan cook, and seeing my stove do things I never thought possible. Im a stickler for sanitation and cleanliness and watching Sheridan cook puts me at ease. I am always thoroughly impressed with his flavor combinations and unique plating. Can’t wait for the next dinner party! PS. Thanks for the signed copy of your book!

I like good food, I like tasting new things and dining in fine restaurants. I’m picky, and I like to know the meals I eat are whole and fresh. Sheridan has cooked my first, second and third best meals of all time! I don’t know how he does it. Just keep raising the bar buddy!

I sought out Sheridan to cook a private dinner for myself and 9 other girlfriends. We wanted a night to ourselves to chat, catch-up and throw back a couple glasses of wine. The night was a total success with 7 courses of excellence. The wine paired for our main course was exceptional. I really appreciated to have such quality food and service in the comfort of my own home and shocked how affordable it was. Sheridan was so precise with the way food was plated and with the organization of the kitchen. Thank you Chef Sheridan!

Sheridan has prepared several meals for my large family and I, from private catering and Dinner Parties to diet restricted meals. Sheridan has a keen eye for detail and a true love for food. As a Mother I especially appreciate the healthy influence placed on the meals he creates. Remarkable food and I love how my kitchen is left with a sparkle.