Chef Sheridan McLaren

Published Red Seal Chef & Nutritionalist

“I let my Ingredients do the work. Im all about fresh and vibrant with a special respect from my ingredients. I am against the cheap shortcuts, powders, and concentrates. The food we eat speaks for itself. Give it the chance to shine and with a little bit of love it will”

Chef Sheridan was introduced to the food service industry at a young age by his master chef grandmother Evelyn. She owned her own restaurant, catering business and cooked for a large family at home. As a child he grew up intrigued by how good that bacon he snuck off the grill tasted, and how all those onions he peeled could be transformed into something completely different and so much more satisfying.

Sheridan later worked in restaurants across Edmonton, cooked for friends, family, and strangers. He graduated from NAIT‘S culinary program and returned to working in fine dining. Still yearning to find his niche in the culinary world Sheridan returned to school to study nutrition and food science at SAIT.

Now a graduate of nutrition & culinary Sheridan teamed up with Company’s Coming & Lone Pine publishing to write cookbooks “ Healthy Family Recipes” and “400 Calorie Mains”  Copies of these books are distributed across Canada.

Sheridan loves to teach others to cook and move forward the movement of healthy eating and support local agriculture.

Chef Sheridan began his private chef business in 2012 and has advanced his business to create premium in home dining. Now working with a team or chefs and hosts to provide you with an memorable and friendly service.

The Barrel is our newest venture which is a vacation rental to which retreats and weekend get aways can be booked for up to 8 guests. We also offer small event catering onsite. Please inquire for more information.

Food Philosophy:

“Food Is what drives us, it provides us with energy, health satiety, enjoyment and for people like me excitement! What and how we eat has a direct influence on our day to day life, So let’s make it fun, healthy, attainable and taste damn good!”