Chef Sheridan McLaren

Published Red Seal Chef & Nutritionalist

“I let my Ingredients do the work. Im all about fresh and vibrant with a special respect from my ingredients. I am against the cheap shortcuts, powders, and concentrates. The food we eat speaks for itself. Give it the chance to shine and with a little bit of love it will”

Professional training & experience

thumb-redsealChef Sheridan is a professionally Trained Red Seal Chef & Certified Nutritionalist. Sheridan has a passion for food and was introduced to cooking at a young age in his grandmother’s restaurant in Tofield. Sheridan has since cooked in a variety of restaurants like Ruth’s Chris, Jacks Grill, Joeys, 100, and Northern Bear Golf Course to name a few.

Chef Sheridan is  now entering his 14th year as a private Chef for Edmonton and area. He strives to provide guests with a unique and personal experience with First class gourmet cuisine.


Above and Beyond

Published with Company’s Coming, In January of 2013 Chef Sheridan wrote a cook book entitled “Healthy Family Recipes’’. An entire book of 75 recipes showing healthy food can taste great and be simple.

His cookbook is sold across Canada in local supermarkets and book stores, an excellent addition to any collection.

Meal personalization

thumb-personalMany private chefs will provide menus posted on their website for you scroll through and your able to guess at what you think sounds good. Between culinary vocabulary and a confusing recipe title, you could be lost in a menu you are not sure you really wanted.

However with Chef Sheridan each menu is exclusively created and matched to your preferences and style of eating. All courses are made to flow with one another and to have a wine to compliment.

No boring photocopied menus here, when choosing Chef Sheridan rest assured a menu is created to suit your needs in consideration of group size and diversity, time of year and all the flavors you desire most.

All Dinners are creatively presented with Chef Sheridan’s elegant plateware & cutlery to add to the experience.

Man of the city.

thumb-cityChef Sheridan takes pride in his Edmonton roots and is proud to offer a helping hand towards the community.

Sheridan has donated his services to charity auctions in Edmonton, Sherwood park & Ardrossan. Including the ACTO Sun Christmas charity auction, Sherwood park appetite fundraiser, Greenland Garden Centre cancer benefit and  others.

Sheridan has also hosted cooking demonstrations directed towards improving the nutritional qualities of the meals we eat. Such as “Healthy smoking” at the Taste of Edmonton 2013 & “Mega your Mashed Potatoes” at Greenland Garden Centre.

Best of the best

thumb-ingredientsWhen it boils down to good food the first step we need to take is the ingredients themselves.

You may find some chefs leaning over to the bargain bins, bulk buys and priced reduced items to save a couple bucks on food cost, but certainly not here with Chef Sheridan.
Our ingredients speak for themselves, cheap out and it will show in your result.

Chef Sheridan sources his ingredients from local shops, trusted markets and his own personal garden (season permitting) Hear the story of the ingredients unfold before your guests while Chef Sheridan introduces the menu and highlights it’s wonders.

So forget about the powdered garlic, concentrated lemon juice and frozen chicken thighs; we have a way of doing things different here.

Clean Paws

thumb-cleanChef Sheridan was trained with the concept that a kitchen should be cleaner than hospital, to take the upmost care in sanitation and hygiene. It is very important to ensure the safety of anyone who comes in contact with the food a chef handles.

Allergies and sensitivities such as gluten are held in a high regard to eliminate chances of cross contamination.

Chef Sheridan is certified with the Canadian Health & Sanitation Certificate as well as first aid training.

No 5 second rules around here either!